Wills And Trusts: Which Is Best?

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Estate planning involves making important decisions about the distribution of assets and the protection of loved ones after you pass away. If you have yet to create an estate plan, it is best to meet with a lawyer that can help draft up the documents you need for protection. Two common tools used in estate planning are wills and trusts. While both serve essential purposes, You likely want to know when it is appropriate to use a will, a trust, or both documents.

19 July 2023

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Auto Accident Claim

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The aftermath of an auto accident can be devastating, and the process of filing an auto accident claim can be even more difficult. Unfortunately, some common mistakes can severely damage your chances of success in your claim and significantly reduce the amount you may be awarded. To ensure the best possible outcome, here are some auto accident mistakes to avoid. Failing to Follow up With Your Doctor  It's important to see your doctor after a car accident, regardless of how minor you think your injuries are.

15 June 2023

Three Ways A Family Law Attorney Can Help Get An Annulment Of Your Marriage

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There are times when an annulment of your marriage is a better option than a divorce. When an annulment is granted by the courts, it will be as if you were never married to begin with. The following are a few things you should know about this legal filing. An annulment when your spouse cannot be located If your spouse's whereabouts are unknown, it may be possible to seek an annulment.

9 May 2023

Why A Small Business Should Hire A Lawyer To Ensure Success

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You might think that hiring a business lawyer is only for large corporations or at least a mid-sized company, but this isn't always the case. It can be important for any size business to use the services of a business lawyer to ensure their company's success. If you are a small business that's just starting out, or even if you are starting to grow your company, you should consider hiring a lawyer.

31 March 2023

When To Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident

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The aftermath of a car accident can be a difficult and confusing time, especially if you've been injured. You may be dealing with physical pain and emotional trauma, as well as the hassle of insurance claims, repair costs, and figuring out who is responsible for what. In this situation, it can be helpful to have an experienced attorney who understands the legalities and can provide guidance through the process. This article will discuss when to contact a lawyer after a car accident.

24 February 2023

Common Workplace Injuries And How To Seek Payments

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Working with machines and hazardous equipment can put you at a higher risk of injuries affecting your working ability. However, office workers are also likely to suffer serious bodily harm that might keep them away from work for a long time. When injuries sustained in the office make you stop working, you might be eligible for payments. For example, you may pursue benefits if you suffer harm caused by the following issues.

23 January 2023

The 3 Legal Implications Of Getting A Divorce

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Anyone considering or facing divorce should understand the legal implications of the process. You should prepare for these three issues. Dividing Assets and Liabilities Everything commonly held from the marriage is fair game during a divorce. Notably, what counts as commonly held will vary depending on which state the former couple lives in. States use two general systems, equitable distribution, and community property, for determining which items count as marital assets.

28 December 2022