Objective Vs. Subjective Forseeability In Injury Cases

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When it comes to injury law, the American system frequently emphasizes the foreseeability of what happened. The system uses two terms, objective and subjective foreseeability, in ways that might seem odd to the average person, though. It's important to understand how both kinds of foreseeability work and what they mean to a personal injury lawyer. Subjective Foreseeability The legal sense of subjective foreseeability refers to what was specifically known to the subject, meaning the defendant, in the time before an incident happened.

14 December 2020

Two Times When The Other Party Has To Pay Your Attorney Fees

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In the American court system, each party to a lawsuit is expected to pay for their own attorney. Thus, judges typically won't order plaintiffs or defendants to pay the other's legal expenses if they lose. However, here are two times when that rule is exempted, and one party may be required to pay the lawyer fees of the other. The Contract or State Law Requires Payment It's not unusual for business contracts to contain clauses stipulating the losing side is responsible for paying the winning side's attorney's fees in the event of a lawsuit.

13 November 2020

What If The Victim Was Partially At Fault In An Injury Case?

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One of the biggest reasons why people choose to not hire a personal injury lawyer is that they're worried they partly contributed to what happened. Fortunately, the system allows some room for this sort of scenario, and such people are often able to successfully pursue claims. Let's look at the factors which will determine if you can recover damages and how they may influence what you might receive as a settlement or judgment.

16 October 2020

How To Protect Yourself In A Divorce

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Marriage is not always what it seems in the movies, it often involves fights and a lot of work. Usually, you can work through the hardships as a unit, or at least that is how it is designed to go. When it doesn't, and the struggles become more than the enjoyment, divorce is often brought up. In some cases, divorce can be a surprise, and other times, it is something you have been expecting.

14 September 2020

5 Less Usual Cases Where Filing An Injury Claim Is A Good Idea

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A personal injury attorney helps clients pursue claims in a range of circumstances that might be surprising to some folks. There's more to the work of a personal injury lawyer than slip and fall incidents and auto accidents. Here are 5 less usual times where filing an injury claim may be worth your time. Exposure Injuries come in many forms, and that includes exposure to organisms, chemicals, and even radiation. These cases range from the seemingly mundane, such as food poisoning, all the way to stuff out of science-fiction, such as chemicals from government-funded laboratories.

13 August 2020

What Has To Be Done At The Start Of A Nonprofit?

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Starting a nonprofit is an undertaking that requires quite a bit of attention to detail. If you're getting ready to incorporate a nonprofit, here are 5 things you'll need to keep in mind. Naming Of all the issues that will require you to be judicious, this one is pretty far up there. If you end up with a name that can be challenged by another party in court, you may be in for a lot of extra-legal fees and even renaming issues.

16 July 2020

You Might Have a Personal Injury Case After a Retail Store Injury

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When customers walk through a retail store, they assume that they are in a safe environment. Unfortunately, some retail stores fail to protect their customers and create hazardous situations that lead to slip and fall accidents and other types of retail store accidents. If you are injured, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Characteristics of Retail Store Accidents While anyone can be a victim of a store accident, the elderly are the most likely to suffer from serious injuries that lead to expensive medical bills.

15 June 2020

What A Crisis Management Lawyer Can Do For Your Company

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A company never wants to be in crisis. A crisis can mean different things from a serious industrial accident or a fire in a residential building that holds tenants. For corporations and large companies, crisis management should be a top priority for them in the event that something happens. Having an in-house lawyer who is skilled in crisis management is a must in the event of any serious incident. What can a crisis management lawyer do for your company?

12 May 2020

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Get You The Compensation You Deserve

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When filing a personal injury claim, it is on you to prove to the insurance adjuster that your injury is real and serious enough to justify the amount of money you are asking for. This is how your injury lawyer will help prove these things and win you the compensation that you deserve.  Showing Negligence Was The Sole Cause Personal injury lawsuits happen because of a responsible party being negligent in their actions and causing an injury.

3 April 2020

Fighting a Custody Battle? How to Prevent Your Immigration Status from Becoming an Issue


Custody disputes can be stressful, especially when immigration status is a concern. If you're in the United States illegally, your ex may try to interfere in your fight for custody. They may even try to convince you that you have no chance at winning—but that's not the case, even if they do have legal status. You may not have legal status in the United States, but that doesn't mean you're unfit to have custody of your children.

2 March 2020