3 Ways You Can Help Validate Your Personal Injury Claim

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Accidents are no fun - especially when they happen because of someone else. When you feel someone else is responsible for your accident, you want them to pay for any costs or lost time from work that you incur because of it. That will likely mean filing a personal injury claim against them. Sometimes personal injury claims can be difficult to win. Here are three ways you can help validate your personal injury claim and win your case.

1. Seek medical attention immediately.

Whether you are involved in a car accident or another type of accident, the first thing you must do is see a doctor. If your injuries aren't bad enough to warrant going to the emergency room, you can refuse medical treatment at the scene and go see your own doctor - but you will need to do that the same day. If you can't get an appointment with your doctor that day, you should go on to the emergency room for evaluation.

The reason you should get immediate medical attention is, the longer you wait to have your injuries evaluated, the easier the defense will be able to claim they weren't caused by the accident - or worse, that you don't have any injuries at all. And, without your immediate medical treatment to back up your claims, it won't be as easy to disprove what they say.

2. Document what happened during the accident as soon as you can afterward.

One important part of your personal injury claim is getting as factual a record of what happened as you can. You need to take the time and think about what you were doing just prior to and during the accident, as well as what you remember seeing the defendant do. If your accident wasn't a car accident, but rather you slipped and fell at a business or something like that, you need to document if you recall seeing any warning signs about wet floors or if there was noticeable ice on the ground. 

Not only do you need to document what happened with the accident, but also any injuries or soreness you may have. Even though you do need to see a doctor about your injuries and will have the evaluation from them on record, you need to document how you felt. This will help your case by making it more personable and not just about looking at medical charts.

3. Continue treatment plans provided by your doctor.

If you sustained significant injuries from the accident, your doctor will likely have a treatment plan for them. Unless the treatment poses a significant risk of death or further injury, you can't afford to follow it, or it goes against your religious beliefs, you have a duty to follow the plan of treatment from your doctor.

That means having any necessary surgeries and attending any rehabilitation sessions the doctor arranges for you to recover from your injuries. If you don't, and can't prove your reasoning for not doing so is valid, then a judge may determine that you made your injuries worse and not decide the case in your favor.


2 December 2014

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