4 Things That Your Attorney Should Be Doing For You

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When you're facing legal problems, especially issues dealing with family law, you may not be thinking about all the things that your lawyer should be doing for you. Your main concern is probably whether or not they're representing you properly. You just want to make sure that your case proceeds smoothly and that everything is decided in your favor. It's important for you to know, however, that there are quite a few things that your attorney should be doing for you. Here are just a few of those things.

Prepare A Plan Of Action

Early on in your case, there should be a plan of action in place. While your attorney won't be able to give you a detailed timeline of events, they will be able to tell you what they plan on doing, and how they plan on doing it. For instance, if your attorney plans on making a demand for spousal support, that should be included in the plan of action that is presented to you.

Make A Demand For All Financial Records

If you're going through a divorce or you're involved in a custody battle, your attorney should have made a demand for all financial records that are in your spouse's possession. This should include all bank statements, earning statements, and tax documents. You will need that information during settlement negotiations.

Make A Demand For All Retirement Account Records

If you've been married for more than just a few years, you may be entitled to a portion of your spouse's retirement accounts. Your attorney should have included those records in the demand for information. If you're not sure that those records have been requested, you should discuss the issue with your attorney.

Respond To Your Calls And Correspondences

You know that your attorney is busy. You also know that you have concerns that you need to have addressed. Your attorney should be returning your calls and correspondences as quickly as possible. Even if they have their assistants contact you, it's important that you hear from them when you have questions that need to be answered.

It's important that you communicate with your attorney. To help you receive the best possible legal representation, you need to know what your attorney should be doing for you. If you don't feel that your needs are being met, you should sit down and discuss your concerns with your attorney. They'll be able to alleviate your concerns. Contact a trusted attorney, such as Mills & Mills Law Group, to further assure all necessary steps are taken.



9 December 2014

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