How An Attorney Can Help You Sell Your Home

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When the time comes to finally sell your home, you are going to need an attorney to assist with the home selling process. Attorneys are not just for buyers, as they are equally important for sellers as well. Having an attorney to assist you can make the following aspects of the sale go smoothly.

Contract Creation

Once you find a buyer that is willing to make you an offer for your home, the next step is to sign the contract. Your attorney will assist with creating the contact, and putting in any special considerations that are relevant to the sale. For example, the buyer's new home sale might be contingent on them selling their own home.

After the contract has been created, your attorney will be able to review it with you and ensure you understand every part of it.

Problem Resolution

After the contract signing, the buyer will have their attorney look into the property to find any potential legal problems with it. They will check public records to see if there is a lien on the property, which could potentially end the sale of the house.

When issues like that come up, your attorney will be the one that helps resolve them. Having someone on your team with experience dealing with legal issues surrounding the house will help resolve them quickly.

Negotiation With Buyer

It is common for the buyer to request a home inspection within the first few days of the contract being signed. It is their last chance to inspect the property for physical problems that need to be corrected. You can expect that the seller is going to follow up after the home inspection with a list of things they want fixed, and you will need to negotiate with them on what you are willing to do.

Since you will be adding an addendum to your initial contract, your attorney will be able to properly word the document responding to the seller's requests. It is the only way to guarantee that the concessions agreed to are clearly defined.

Review Your Settlement Statement

When your closing arrives, you are going to have a stack of papers that need to be signed to finalize the deal. An attorney will explain each document in simple language you can understand, and review everything for accuracy. Without an attorney, this process could take up an entire day to fully comprehend and check each document.

Now that you are aware of 4 ways an attorney can assist with the sale of your home, you can make an informed decision about if you should hire one like Iannello Anderson.


11 December 2014

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