Hawaiian Personal Injury Lawsuit Laws That You Should Know About

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If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit, then there are some laws that you need to familiarize yourself with. Many of these laws can apply to most states, but there are some laws that are unique to every state. Unfortunately for you, some of these laws can make or break your case in an instant. To help you navigate this legal minefield, here are some such laws that you need to handle when filing in Hawaii:

Damage Caps

First of all, you should know that your damages are capped in some circumstances. Some states are very strict, and some are very lenient, but luckily for you, Hawaii falls on the more lenient end of the spectrum.

In Hawaii, the biggest damage cap applies to non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases, with the cap being $375,000. This only affects non-economic damages, which basically boils down to pain and suffering, so your medical bills won't actually be touched. If you have objective proof of a financial hardship, then it is almost guaranteed to be immune to the cap.

The Statute of Limitations

Hawaii also forces you to file within 2 years or else risk your case being dismissed outright. There are a couple of exceptions, but unless you fit into these extraordinary circumstances, your case does not have a good outlook.

If you were a minor at the time of the accident, then you could not file a lawsuit immediately. In these cases, the window of opportunity begins on the date that you legally become an adult and ends exactly 2 years later.

Comparative Negligence

Your responsibility relative to your injury will also factor heavily into your case. If you played a role in your injury, then you may get much less money than you anticipated. For example, if the defense can prove that you were 45% responsible for your injury, then you could potentially lose out on 45% of your compensation, reducing you to 55% of what you asked for.

No-Fault Auto Insurance

Hawaii also has a rather strict policy on auto accidents and lawsuits. Most auto accidents cannot be used to start a lawsuit, and you must instead file a claim through your insurance. However, if you were permanently injured, such as being paralyzed, then you can file a lawsuit for the damages. This can be a pretty subjective category, so you want to make sure that your injury actually qualifies before you seriously commit to filing an auto accident lawsuit.

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