Is Social Security Disability Your Only Option?

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If you're living with a condition that stops or slows your ability to earn a living, it's important to weigh all of your options carefully. Although one program may be able to support you to an extent, you may be passing up other opportunities that could be better for you in the long run. Consider Social Security's benefits, as well as other programs and compensation attempts that could help you in other ways.

What Does Social Security Provide?

Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) is a sort of social safety net that can help you recover from your condition or find your way in an economy that isn't always accommodating. It also gives a glance into other social security programs that are more fitted towards total and permanent disabilities.

The payment amount for benefits is based on your average indexed monthly earnings or AIME, as well as a base amount of benefits called a Primary Insurance Amount or PIA. The average payment for benefits is around $1,166 per month, which may be enough to pay critical bills for most basic income areas of the United States. 

Contrary to some assumptions, you're able to work while receiving SSDI payments. The issue is that you'll need to prove that you can't simply get a job and support yourself for life, meaning that working arrangements need to be made with the Social Security Administration to avoid any investigations specifically searching for fraud or questionable activities. 

Your SSDI benefit amount decreases based on how much money you earn per month. This is helpful for people who can manage a career during some parts of the year, but are prone to relapse or sudden spikes in their disabling condition's severity.

If you've had difficulty getting approved for Social Security disability, don't struggle while trying to make the disability claim work on your own. Get a Social Security disability lawyer's help and gain the advice of a professional who knows what the Social Security system is looking for. 

Were You Injured By A Private Person? You Could Have A Personal Injury Case

Social Security is a helpful benefit for issues that are no ones fault, but it's also an option for people who were injured by another person or group. If you're unable to extract compensation from the person or persons, disability is an option. That said, it shouldn't be the end of the injury issue.

As you consult a Social Security disability lawyer, you'll likely have to go in depth about your injury. Ask your lawyer if you may have other chances to demand compensation from the person or group that caused the problem. Even if you know that the other party lacks the funding to pay you, there may be other legal arrangements that could be helpful.

Are You A Military Veteran? Veterans Affairs Has Assistance And Compensation

Veterans have a wealth of support options from the Department of Veterans Affairs (known as the VA). As long as you have an other-than-dishonorable discharge, you're eligible for basic health benefits with the VA. Even dishonorable discharge veterans may have a chance for some benefits or a discharge appeal. 

Instead of spending money at private doctors that could be spent elsewhere, you can set up an appointment at the VA to get basic medical care and medication. If your injury was related to military service, be sure to consult your lawyer and file a VA disability claim no matter what. Claim filing is free, and the only negative thing that could come from an honest claim is a denial that can be appealed.

Speak with a Social Security disability lawyer for consultation and claim assistance in multiple disability areas.  


24 May 2016

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