Exposing Common Myths About Disability Benefits

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When a person is unfortunate enough to be unable to work to support themselves due to mental or physical problems, it can be a highly stressful situation. While there are disability benefits that are designed to help individuals that are facing these problems, there are many misconceptions that can surround these notions. Once you have had the following few disability myths refuted, you will have a stronger understanding about this option.

Myth: Disability Is Only Available For Those That Have Permanent Conditions

There is a common notion that only those with permanent disabilities can qualify for this type of assistance. However, there are a number of medical conditions and injuries that can result in temporary disabilities. Luckily, it is possible for individuals that are suffering from a temporary disability to qualify for these benefits. When receiving temporary disability benefits, you may need to be periodically reevaluated to ensure that you still meet the qualifications for these programs.

Myth: Your Medical Records Are All That Is Considered

Some individuals might believe that they will only need to submit their medical records in order to be approved for these benefits. However, this is not the case as the disability program will likely want you to be evaluated by one of their own doctors. While this may seem inconvenient, it is necessary for these programs to ensure that the patient's doctor's diagnosis is correct before granting these benefits. During this evaluation, you will likely be asked numerous questions about your symptoms, the cause of our problem and the steps you are taking to treat it. Lucky, you may not have to go into these evaluations ill-prepared as your attorney will be able to help you prepare for the phase of the process.

Myth: An Initial Denial Ends Your Ability To Get Disability Benefits

Sadly, many individuals that are disabled may find that their claim is initially denied for these benefits. While this can be an emotionally stressful problem to experience you should be relieved to learn that it is possible to continue the application process through an appeal. By appealing the ruling of the original disability case manager, it can be possible to have your situation reviewed by someone with a fresh perspective.

Filing for disability benefits may be the only option that you have for supporting yourself following a serious injury or problem. Learning that it is possible to receive temporary disability benefits, the fact that you may be examined by another doctor and that you can appeal denials will make it easier for you to be informed while you are attempting to be recovering or adjusting to life with your disability. Contact a law firm, such as Iler and Iler, for more information.   


11 June 2016

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