3 Ways An Attorney Can Help When SSDI Benefits Are Denied

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Have you been unable to work due to the symptoms of congestive heart failure? If you attempted to get social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits and were denied, there might still be hope. Your denial may have been the result of incomplete paperwork and insufficient evidence of your condition. You can likely get the denial overturned with assistance from a disability attorney. Take a look at this article for more insight about the services that a disability attorney might provide to overturn your SSDI benefits denial.

1. Determine What Kind of Evidence Was Left Out

When you consult with an attorney, he or she will need details about the evidence that was included with your disability application. He or she will then determine what kind of additional information should be handed over to the Social Security Administration (SSA). For instance, if you only turned in evidence that proves you are taking drugs for shortness of breath, it can be the reason for the denial. Shortness of breath can be related to many health conditions. The attorney will make sure a document is obtained from your physician that proves you were diagnosed with congestive heart failure and that lists the symptoms involved.

2. Get Several Supportive Statements About Your Condition

Even after obtaining evidence from your physician that you have congestive heart failure, the attorney will obtain additional evidence. He or she will consult with one or more physicians to get their view on congestive heart failure and why it interferes with your ability to work. A vocational expert might also be contacted so the attorney can get proof that there isn't a good job outlook for someone with your medical condition. The vocational expert can compare your symptoms to the physical demands of the jobs in your career field.

3. Request That Your Case Be Reconsidered

As long as it has been less than 60 days since your SSDI application was denied, an attorney can request that it is reconsidered. The attorney will then be able to add any information to your application that was initially left out, which will improve your chances of approval. If 60 days have already passed, you will have to start the SSDI application process from scratch. However, starting from scratch will be easier this time around because the attorney will already have the required evidence.

Make an appointment with a disability attorney such as Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law to discuss your situation as soon as possible.


1 July 2016

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