It's Just Not Working: 4 Reasons You Might Need To Modify Your Custody Orders

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If your current custody arrangements are no longer working, it might be time to head back to court for a modification. Even if you and the other parent have an amicable relationship, and are able to co-parent effectively, it's still a good idea to have custody changes formalized through court orders. Here are four reasons why you might want to consider having your current custody orders modified.

Your Ex Is Moving Closer

If your ex was living in another state when your current arrangements were ordered, you might need to have the custody orders modified. This is particularly true if your ex has larger chunks of time to accommodate visitation. For instance, long-distance custody arrangements usually can't accommodate every other weekend schedules, which means your child probably spends the summer and other vacations with their non-custodial parent. Now that their non-custodial parent will be living closer, you may be able to have the custody arrangements modified to accommodate weekend visits.

Your Child Has Requested a Change

If your child is old enough to choose where they want to live, and they've requested time with the other parent, it might be time to change the living arrangements. While you could simply allow your child to move in with the other parent, going to court to have the custody orders modified will provide legal standing for the changes. Having your custody orders legally modified will allow the courts to create permanent visitation orders as well. This will ensure that you have your visitation schedule in writing.

You've Changed Jobs

If your custody arrangements were written to accommodate your employment, they may no longer work once you change jobs. For instance, if you're on an every-other-weekend arrangement, but you'll now be working weekends, you'll need to have your visitation schedule modified to accommodate the changes. This is particularly important if your ex is not eager to change the schedule.

Your Current Orders Simply Aren't Working

If you and your ex have tried everything to abide by the current arrangements, but they just aren't working, you should head back to mediation. Custody needs can change over time. When that happens, you're going to need a mediator to help you work out an arrangement that will work for everyone.

If your current custody arrangement isn't working anymore, it's time to make a change. Sit down with a divorce and family law attorney. They can help you obtain the orders you need. 


1 August 2016

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