Should You Hire A Court Reporter For Your Divorce Mediation?

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If you and your spouse have recently agreed to divorce — but disagreed bitterly on the terms of custody or asset division — you may have been directed toward divorce mediation as a way to resolve these disputes in a mutually-agreeable way. However, dealing with communication issues along with the other circumstances of a bitter divorce can often make mediation a fruitless endeavor, especially if your ex-spouse is determined to misinterpret you every step along the way. You may find yourself feeling the temptation to enlist a court reporter who can transcribe these mediation sessions and provide an unbiased account of what took place. Read on to learn more about some situations in which enlisting the help of a certified court reporter to transcribe mediation proceedings is a good idea, as well as some situations in which doing so could unnecessarily add an unpleasant tenor to the interaction.

What are some situations in which a court reporter's assistance may be necessary?

In most cases, either you or your spouse (or both) will be represented by an attorney during this mediation, which can go a long way toward improving communications and smoothing ruffled feathers. However, if either your attorney or your spouse's attorney is more combative than mediation-minded, you may find yourself butting up against a brick wall when it comes to getting mediation agreements enforced after the fact. If this is the situation you've found yourself in, it may be worthwhile to enlist a court reporter to transcribe a description of the settlement terms and get a record of your spouse's agreement to these terms so that there can be no backtracking after the fact.

You may also want the assistance of a court reporter if you suspect that your spouse's attorney has a conflict of interest with the mediator or the proceedings are otherwise unethically stacked against you. Having a certified transcript of the proceedings can assist you in pursuing disciplinary action against the other party's attorney or impeaching the credibility of your spouse during a hearing to divide assets or determine custody. 

When may you want to avoid hiring a court reporter to transcribe your divorce mediation?

In situations where the divorce isn't likely to become contentious, enlisting a court reporter may cause more problems than it solves. Often, this can signify distrust with the process, putting your spouse and his or her attorney on edge and casting a tone over the proceedings it may be tough to escape.

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4 November 2016

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