Why Hire An Attorney For A Workers' Compensation Claim

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When you're injured while working on the job, it may seem that handling the injury claim through workers' compensation will be pretty simple.  You may actually be surprised at how stressful the entire process can be when you are trying to deal with it while recovering from an injury. Here are several reasons why hiring an attorney to take care of it for you is best.

Consultations Are Affordable

If you have any doubts about hiring an attorney, ask to have a consultation with one about your case. In most situations, consultations are free and can give you a good idea if hiring an attorney will be worth it to you.  There is no pressure to work with them after the consultation, but if you feel like having them handle your case could be a benefit, take them up on their offer.

Denials Are Preventable

The biggest fear of anybody filing a workers' compensation claim is if the claim is denied.  In order to prevent this from happening to you, the paperwork that you turn in must be flawless.  If not, going through the appeal process will only delay when you receive compensation and cause you to go through the hassle of the appeal.  Denials can be avoided by having a legal expert go over the paperwork for you. This also includes ensuring that you meet all deadlines.  Attorneys have experience with these types of claims, and they know every step of the process already.

Stress Can Be Reduced

The hardest part of dealing with a workers' compensation claim will be the stress it causes you.  How can you concentrate on recovering when you also have to deal with figuring out what needs to be done for your claim? You deserve to have a mental health break after suffering from an injury, and dealing with legal matters is not going to make the situation any better.  Have an attorney reduce your stress by taking care of one aspect you may have difficulty doing on your own.

Compensation Can Be Greater

There will come a point where you may be offered to take a settlement on your workers' compensation claim. This means the insurance company will stop paying for your medical bills, but you will receive a large lump sum to settle the case. Having an attorney work with you means that you could receive a larger lump sum than handling it on your own. This is because you need to accurately gauge future medical bills to determine if the lump sum could be more than what you expect to receive over time. Visit a site like http://gomezmaylaw.com/ to get in touch with a lawyer.


16 December 2016

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