Four Questions That Determine How Much Your First DUI Will Affect Your Auto-Insurance Rates

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Every motorist knows that a conviction for driving under the influence is likely to lead to an auto-coverage rate hike. However, most people don't know just how much a DUI will affect their rates. The answers to these four questions will help you gauge whether your first DUI will affect your rates marginally or blow it off the roof.

How Old Are You?

Young drivers are responsible for 17 percent of alcohol-related crashes even though they only make up about 10 percent of licensed drivers. The problem is so serious that all states have enacted zero-tolerance laws to curb drunk driving in youngsters. Insurers are also aware of the correlation between intoxication and high rates of car accidents in young drivers. As a result, minors with drunk-driving convictions are viewed as high-risk motorists who should pay relatively high coverage rates.

How Clean Is Your Driving History?

Insurers increase rates for drivers they deem as high risk; your driving history is a good indicator of whether you are a high-risk driver or not. The more driving violations you commit, the more your risk increases in the eyes of the insurer. Therefore, if you have a clean driving history, then your first-time DUI conviction may not increase your rates as much as it would if you have a poor driving history filled with traffic tickets and DUI arrests.

What Do Your State's Laws Say?

State insurance laws determine how much your insurer can increase your rates. Therefore, a DUI may attract higher rates in your state than it does in neighboring states. Therefore, don't use data from other states to gauge how much you will be paying for auto coverage after a DUI conviction.

Where Did You Commit the Offense?

Some DUIs are viewed as more serious than others based on where they occur. If your drunken driving had the potential of causing serious damages and injuries, then your rates will be considerably high too. For example, getting arrested for DUI in a school zone is more serious that getting arrested for DUI in a relatively empty parking lot. This is because roads in school zones are likely to have children who may not have the presence of mind to avoid accidents.

As you can see, the more serious your DUI case is, the more it will affect your premiums. This means you need the assistance of a DUI lawyer to lower the severity of your charges so that your rates don't suffer too much if you do get convicted.


13 January 2017

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