Worker's Compensation Is There To Help You

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Worker's compensation is a kind of insurance. It's there for your protection but you aren't the one who has to pay for it. Your employer pays for the insurance. If you are injured at work, then that insurance is supposed to pay for your medical bills and possibly things like lost wages and such. But, how does the process work?

Dealing With the Injury

The first thing that's going to have to happen is that you have to deal with your injury. That can include several different things. If your injury isn't severe, that may include having a supervisor looking at your injury. They will document your injury and decide if you should have someone drive you to seek medical care or if you can take yourself. You may still have to have someone go with you, just to make sure that everything gets handled correctly. If your injury is severe, this step is generally skipped. The ambulance will take you to straight to the hospital so that you can be treated and then someone from your employer will be there so that they can keep track of your treatment and care and document what your injuries were. 

Submitting Your Claims

Once your injury has been dealt with and you are in a position where you can start dealing with paperwork, it's time to start submitting your claim to your employer for their worker's comp insurance company. You may have to go through your HR department or you may be able to submit your claims directly to the insurance company. If you are going to need a lot of ongoing care, such as if you are hospitalized, need physical therapy, follow-up treatments, and so forth, you may need to submit those bills and that paperwork one thing at a time so that it gets handled, but you may also have to submit them on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Legal Help

If you are having problems with everything getting paid the way that it should or getting what you need, then you are going to need to get some legal help. They will be able to talk to your employer and the insurance company so that you can get what you are entitled to. You may want to have a worker's compensation attorney help you before you sign anything. They can look over all the paperwork to make sure that you aren't signing something that could hurt you. 

If you are injured at work, worker's compensation is there to help you. 


3 March 2018

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