How To Help With Improving The Lives Of Young Offenders

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Many youths who are in the juvenile detention system are not bad children. They are misguided and made bad decisions. Some juveniles are on the wrong path because of lack of parental support.

Society has a responsibility to rehabilitate wayward juveniles. Read on to find out how to help with improving the lives of young offenders.

Become A Volunteer

Most states have a juvenile court public affair volunteers department. It is a program that allows volunteers to work with juvenile offenders within the facility and the community. The requirements to join the program include:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete an application
  • Must have valid driver's license
  • Complete volunteer orientation and training

The Department of Juvenile Justice offers volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas. These areas include mentoring, tutoring, religious services, recreational activities, interpreters, art and cultural activities, advisory council and animal and horticulture services. The goal is to help the juveniles to become productive and law-abiding citizens.

Apply To A GED Program And Trade School

If your teenage son is a juvenile offender and is getting ready to leave the detention center, then get him in an education program. Many juveniles become an offender before finishing high school. If your son does not have a high school diploma, then he needs to get a GED. It should not stop at getting a GED but get a trade as well. If a juvenile has a way to make a living, then he can be productive in the community.

Provide Mental Health Support

Some juveniles end up in the jail system because of mental health issues. For example, a bipolar disorder can cause someone to act out and have mood swings. It comes in the form of stealing for attention or being disruptive in class.

Juveniles with mental health issues are going to need to go through psychotherapy. Without treatment, your child may continue on a path of delinquency. This can lead to getting arrested for adult crimes. Mental health treatment may consist of counseling and medication.

It is important to prevent juveniles from becoming offenders. You have to support programs like the Boys and Girls Club that gives youth an outlet. Support means making a donation or volunteering at the facility. Juvenile offenders are more successful with a support system, education, and a job. If they have mental health issues, then you have to make sure juvenile offenders get the appropriate care. 


4 April 2018

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