Do You Have A Good Personal Injury Case?


Some accidents are so minor that it's not worth pursuing legal action, but there are plenty of accidents that cause far more in money damages than you might expect. Knowing what a personal injury lawyer considers to be a good case can be instructive for accident victims since you will need to know when to seek help and when to let the insurance carrier handle it. Read on to learn more about how to evaluate the facts pertaining to your accident.

Did you suffer harm? Most car accidents will cause several types of harm, but if there is no harm there is no case. The aspect of harm done is a vital one to all personal injury cases. The harm might be physical, such as with injuries or it might be financial, such as with lost or damaged property.

Was the accident caused by the other driver?

An accident that was either caused by you or that did not involve other vehicles won't produce a personal injury case. You must be able to show that the other driver's actions led directly to the accident to gain monetary damages from the other driver. In some cases, you may share partial blame for the wreck and in those cases you may still be able to get compensation but the amount will be reduced considerably.

Is there sufficient evidence of fault?

If the other party agrees that they caused the wreck you might be offered a quick settlement, but sometimes you must have evidence to back up your claims of fault. Some common forms of evidence that your personal injury lawyer will look for include:

1. Photographs and videos from the accident scene

2. Accident reports prepared by law enforcement personnel

3. Eyewitness statements

4. Photographs of your injuries

5. Traffic citations issued to the other driver or criminal charges against the other driver.

Case evaluation and contingency fee arrangements

Appearing at your first meeting with your personal injury attorney armed with as much information as possible will help you leave the meeting with a case evaluation. Most of the time, your lawyer won't take your case unless you have the elements above and a strong case. Contingency fee arrangements mean that you won't need to worry about paying your lawyer right away but it also means that your case has to be worthwhile. Ask for a free case evaluation and find out what you have to gain from seeking legal action against the other driver.



8 August 2018

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