Dual Decapitation: How To Proceed With An Auto Accident Lawsuit

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Two vehicles collide on a roadway. The freak accident causes both drivers to die of decapitation. No, it is not a joke, nor is it completely unlikely. In fact, the odds of dying in a car accident are eight thousand to one. That risk is far greater than dying in a plane crash or a train accident. Additionally, decapitations are not unlikely when you consider the force of impact and speed involved on roadways.

Stranger still are the traffic accidents involving decapitated bodies becoming airborne and landing in the passenger side of the other vehicle involved in the crash. Whatever happens, the end result is going to be people who survive their loved ones and looking to sue. If your family member was involved in a freak auto accident where both drivers were decapitated, here is how to proceed with your lawsuit.

Trucking Company Involved? Sue the Trucking Company

If the other decapitated driver was driving for a trucking company, you can attempt to sue the company. Consult with your auto accident lawyer to see if anything regarding your family member's accident qualifies as a trucking company accident. If your lawyer feels that this may apply to your loved one's accident, then pursue compensation from the trucking company.

Just Another Driver? Sue the Family

This is an emotionally-charged decision. The other driver's family also lost someone. Suing them may win you some compensation for your loss, but be aware that they can counter-sue, resulting in a possible cancellation of all compensation pursued by both sides. This is not the best decision to make, unless there is substantial evidence that shows that the other driver was on drugs or drinking, and/or a passenger/family member in that vehicle contributed to the cause of the accident.

Faulty Vehicle(s)? Sue the Car Company

So, let's say that the cause of the accident was a manufacturing defect. Typically only one car in an accident can have a defect, but it is possible that both vehicles can have defects that caused them to collide. Find out if and which car may or did have a defect, and then sue the manufacturer. Your lawyer will have better results suing companies than surviving family members in these very unusual accidents.

Always Seek Advice from Your Lawyer

This is a strange accident that resulted in the strangest of auto accident fatalities. It helps to talk to a lawyer, such as at Catherine G. Langlois Professional Corp. The lawyer will provide you with the best advice possible under the circumstances.


17 September 2018

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