How to Avoid Contact with Your Ex-Spouse During a Divorce

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Once the process of getting a divorce is already underway, it's usually a good idea to limit the amount of contact you have with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Frequent contact during this period is the perfect opportunity for either of you to say or do something that will make matters considerably worse due to the complex emotions that surround a divorce.

However, avoiding contact is easier said than done. You and your spouse may have adopted similar routines or even frequent the same places. How can the two of you manage to stay out of each other's way?

Stop Following Them on Social Media

There is a good possibility that during a divorce you may interpret any social media post by your ex to be either meant for you or to be about you. They may feel the same way too. To avoid all this confusion over veiled messages, simply cut off all contact you have with them on any social media site. It will do you a world of good not having to keep up with your ex's life at this time.

Don't Call, Use Email

Unless it's an emergency, it's best to avoid any direct means of communication with your ex during this period. A simple phone conversation can go from discussing an issue about your children to a passive aggressive comment. This is usually when the conversation starts to go downhill. Email provides a more impersonal means of communication. Responses are not immediate and this gives you enough time to think about how you'll respond.

Avoid Places Where You're Likely to Run into Them

After several years in a marriage, you're likely to be familiar with your ex's frequent hangouts. This might be a gym that you shared or a pub where they'd go to watch the game. If this was a shared hangout, this is a great chance for you to find a new place. If this was their hangout or even place of work, try as much as possible to avoid passing near that place.

Limit Any Conversation to Acceptable Topics

It may not be possible to avoid contact with your ex-spouse during the divorce, especially if you have children. If you must contact them in any way, limit the topics of discussions to topics that are acceptable. Your divorce attorney can help you to define these topics. Straying outside these topics during any type of contact is a bad idea.


22 October 2018

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