3 Things To Understand About Alimony

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When you and your spouse decide to call it quits, you may wonder if you could request alimony payments from your spouse? Alimony is something that is above and beyond child support payments, and it is a totally different type of payment, and here are three important things you should understand about alimony if you are thinking about requesting it.

Every state has different rules

The first thing to understand is that the rules and laws relating to alimony are set by the states. Because of this, each state has different rules for alimony, and you should begin your quest by talking to a lawyer in your state. This lawyer will be able to tell you the rules in your state and whether or not you will qualify for alimony payments. If your lawyer thinks you will qualify, then he or she can help you begin the process for getting approved for this.

Alimony is designed for certain conditions

One of the main reasons that states allow alimony is to help a spouse, after a divorce, who cannot support him or herself. A person may not be able to support him or herself due to a lack of education, experience, or skills, and this person could end up living in poverty if he or she suddenly had to support him or herself. Alimony is also designed to help an individual who has some type of physical or mental impairment. If this impairment prevents the person from working, the person would need the alimony payments to get by.

Alimony is only temporary

The other thing to realize is that alimony is temporary. Because it is designed to help a person who cannot support themselves, it is designed to give the person time to build skills and experience to support him or herself. This means that a person can receive alimony payments for a while but not forever. If the person fails to use this time wisely, the alimony payments might end and he or she would be in the same situation as where he or she started. In order for the payments to end, the spouse paying them would have to file a motion with the court for a hearing, and the judge would have to approve this.

If you believe that you meet the conditions to request alimony and if your state allows it, you should talk to your divorce lawyer to find out how you can go about getting approved for alimony payments.


3 December 2018

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