2 Emotional Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking Custody Of Your Child During Divorce Proceedings

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If you are going through a divorce and a child is involved, you may be trying to obtain either sole or joint custody rights. However, you may be worried that your emotions may get the better of you during this difficult time. If so, try to avoid the following emotional mistakes while you are seeking custody of your child during a divorce.

1. Talking Bad About the Other Parent

Whether or not you wanted the divorce, you may be harboring resentment and anger toward your spouse. As a result, you may be tempted to slander the other parent and bring up every bad habit and dark secret you can to make them look as bad as possible.

However, you should avoid talking bad about the parent at all costs, especially in front of your child. Since your child will still love the other parent, anything bad you say can and will confuse them and make them feel bad about their own feelings.

Also, you do not want to start talking bad about your former spouse in front of the judge in court. Doing so without facts to back up what you are saying could make you seem petty and vengeful, which could hurt your case in court.

If you do have any concerns about the other parent's past behavior or habits, speak with your lawyer. They can then advise you on what and how to say what you feel you need to, as well as help you gather information to support your claims.

2. Losing Control of Your Emotions

Along with not speaking badly about your former spouse, you also need to keep a reign on your emotions. While it is normal to feel hurt or angry during a custody battle, you cannot lose control of your emotions, as this could cause you to lose your case in court.

If you go into an angry tirade in front of your child, the other parent, or even the judge, this behavior could come across as negative on your part, making you appear to be the irrational parent. If you need to vent, either express yourself to a close friend or discuss your concerns with your lawyer.

Going through a divorce while seeking custody of your child is difficult, but you must keep your cool if you wish to increase your chances of winning your case. If you are having problems coping or need advice on how to present yourself during this time, seek out help from a family law service for personalized guidance.


18 February 2019

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