Personal Injury Attorney Tips For Reducing Your Liability As A Dog Owner


Dogs make amazing pets and enhance their owners' lives in a wide variety of different ways, such as providing emotional support and helping their owners get more exercise.

However, owning a pet dog always comes with some liabilities. For example, if your dog bites someone or damages a vehicle's paint job, then you are very likely going to be legally and financially responsible for the damages. 

While a scratch in auto paint can be fixed for a few hundred dollars, a dog bite to a child's face can come with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills plus other damages.

While the liability issues shouldn't prevent you from owning a dog, you do need to be aware of how to lessen your liability and protect your interests. Following each of these tips is a great place to start.

Tip: You Must Keep Your Dog Contained at All Times

As a dog owner, it's your responsibility to keep your pet contained 24/7. Dogs that are left to run around the neighborhood off-leash pose the largest liability for their people.

If you don't keep your dog contained behind an adequate fence, inside your home or vehicle, or on a leash, then you open yourself up to a significant amount of unnecessary liability.

Tip: Know Exactly What to Do If Your Dog Bites Someone or Damages Their Personal Property

If your dog gets out of your control and damages someone's property or bites someone, then it's vital you know exactly what steps to take. 

The first step is always going to be to secure your dog. This protects everyone else in the area from being bitten and limits your further liability. Once your dog is secure, then anyone needing medical attention needs to be attended to. In addition, you need to get out your cell phone and take as many photos as you can of the damage or bite. 

Tip: Seek Qualified Legal Advice Before Taking Further Action

Lastly and most importantly, even if you don't think a dog bite or other property damage inflicted by your pet is a big deal, this may not be the case for the injured party. It's always best if you can work with them on a resolution before involving insurance companies.

However, before you try to speak with them or take any further action, it's vital you have a consultation with a personal injury attorney in your local area. Once you have some solid legal advice, then you can proceed in whatever way protects your liability and lessens your chances of getting sued.

For more information, contact a personal injury attorney.


29 July 2019

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