Head Of The HOA? Two Reasons Why You Should Retain An Association Attorney

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As the head of your community's homeowner's association (HOA,) you have many responsibilities. It's a position that requires you to wear many hats as you essentially govern the neighborhood and set the rules that will make your community a great place to be. In an ideal world, all of your fellow homeowner's would follow the guidelines and go along with the program that you set. However, people are human, and issues are bound to appear at some point. If you want to make sure you're ready to handle the challenges that come your way, keep reading to see why you may want to retain an association attorney.

Leave The Collections Process To The Association Attorney

Few people enjoy dealing with a collections agent. It can feel like an unwelcome intrusion when you are constantly being hit with phone calls and letters for a bill that you either can't afford to pay or simply refuse to. The collections process is difficult enough when it is coming from an unknown third party. Things rise to a totally different level when you are trying to collect from someone that you know.

HOA communities typically split the cost for assessments among all of the homeowners. Every few years, the roofs might need to be repaired or replaced, there could be some complex landscaping requirements, or maybe the board of directors has decided to build a community center. While these might seem like welcome changes, not everyone gets too thrilled when they receive a bill for their portion of the total expenses. They may refuse to pay, and if this goes on long enough, you could be forced to start the collections process.

Maintain Peace With An Association Attorney

Think about how damaging it could be to the overall morale and rapport between you and your neighbors if you have to constantly ask them to pay their assessment. If you have an association attorney on retainer, it's so much easier to simply pass the buck to your lawyer. You won't have to ruin the relationships that you've built with those around you, and the whole matter can be handled in a legal, professional manner.

Association attorneys can help you draft documents listing owner responsibilities that can be given to each new homeowner who moves into the community. Let an association lawyer help you maintain the kind of neighborhood that is peaceful and full of mutual respect and camaraderie.


7 January 2020

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