You Might Have a Personal Injury Case After a Retail Store Injury

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When customers walk through a retail store, they assume that they are in a safe environment. Unfortunately, some retail stores fail to protect their customers and create hazardous situations that lead to slip and fall accidents and other types of retail store accidents. If you are injured, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

Characteristics of Retail Store Accidents

While anyone can be a victim of a store accident, the elderly are the most likely to suffer from serious injuries that lead to expensive medical bills. Regardless of whether you were in the parking lot or in a dressing room, the retail store is responsible for your accident if the property owner created conditions that lead to your injury through negligence. Other areas where you might suffer an injury include:

  • The checkout aisle
  • A bathroom
  • A store aisle
  • A merchandise display area
  • A walkway
  • Any other area of the store you are allowed access to

Statute of Limitations

Most states have a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. After an accident, you will want to act quickly to find out if you can obtain footage of your accident from store surveillance cameras. Many stores clear their cameras quickly due to storage limitations so you should get it quickly. Also, you will want to contact store clerks, customers, and other witnesses who can testify on your behalf. If you are struggling to locate these witnesses, a personal injury attorney may be able to help.

Types of Retail Store Injuries

Slip and fall accidents are the most common types of incidents that cause injuries but you will likely only have a case if the conditions are unreasonably slippery and dangerous. If the store loses control of a shopping cart and you suffer an injury, you may have a case under these circumstances as well. A store owner is also responsible for securing merchandise, and falling merchandise can also lead to serious injuries or death.

Retail Security Injuries

In some instances, you may have a claim if you are injured by store security while you are in the process of shoplifting. While store security personnel have the right to stop you from shoplifting, they are not allowed to use excessive force. 

Store security has the power to detain customers and use a reasonable amount of force. Security should not tackle a suspect to the ground when it is not necessary or use a weapon to inflict pain. Fistfighting and chokehold are also considered unacceptable.

If you are injured under any of these circumstances, contact a personal injury attorney.


15 June 2020

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