Steps To Take If You Are Involved In A Construction Accident

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Working in the construction industry can be lucrative and rewarding, but there is also the risk of accidents occurring at construction sites. If you are involved in a construction accident, it is very important to react properly to ensure that the matter is taken care of. Failure to act can result in a number of problems down the road, both physically and financially. In the event that you are involved in a construction accident, take the following steps:

Make Sure the Accident Is Documented

After being involved in an accident at a construction site, it is essential that the accident be documented. Inform your direct supervisor right away and make sure that you provide details about how the accident occurred and what type of injuries you sustained. Do not simply inform your supervisor verbally — everything, including the date and time of the accident, should be in writing. When your supervisor is done creating the incident report that documents your construction site accident, request a copy to keep for your own records.

See a Doctor

Construction accidents can be quite serious, so it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible for a comprehensive exam and treatment. Do not make an appointment to see your primary care physician — when a construction accident happens when an employee is on the clock, the employer may require that the employee see a doctor at a specific clinic since a workers compensation insurance claim will likely need to be filed. Seeing a doctor promptly will help ensure that you make a full recovery from your injuries. If the doctor that you see requests follow up appointments, make sure that you go to each one of them. Your medical records will be important pieces of evidence that show the extent of your injuries.

Contact a Construction Accident Attorney

If you are seriously injured in a construction accident, you may be unable to work for days, weeks, or even months. Thus, you will be entitled to compensation that covers any medical bills that you may have, as well as lost income. A good construction accident attorney will be able to review all of the details of your case and determine a fair compensation amount. After the value of your claim is determined, your construction accident attorney can communicate with the workers compensation insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve. 

Contact a local construction accident lawyer to learn more.


15 March 2021

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