Have Patience With Your Personal Injury Case

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It's important that accident victims don't get impatient with their situation after an accident. It's only natural to be eager to get things back to normal again, but be careful of unrealistic expectations. When victims get frustrated with the progress of their case, they might be more prone to making mistakes that could cost them a lot of money. Read on to find out more about why and when patience is so important as you wait for the accident compensation you deserve.

The Insurer Will Test Your Patience

You might be placing far too much faith in the at-fault driver's insurance company. No matter how friendly they seem to be, they are not on your side. That can create a situation where you act out of frustration. That is part of the plan. The insurer knows that victims just want to be paid some money so they make them think that is what they are getting. Unfortunately, what they offer is never enough and has almost nothing to do with what you really deserve. Don't get so impatient with the insurer that you accept a low-ball offer. Never accept a settlement without the advice of a personal injury lawyer.

Your Patience May Be Needed

Once you speak to an attorney, your case is now in the hands of a professional who understands what to do to ensure you get compensated fairly. Cases are not resolved overnight, however. Even after you get an attorney on your side, the insurer may employ delaying tactics meant to cause more frustration. One of your attorney's first moves is to send them a demand letter. This letter lets the other side know that you will see them in court if they don't comply with your demands for a certain amount of compensation.

Be Patient With Their Tactics

Especially when your injuries are serious, you can expect the insurer to fight you in several ways. They know that the severity of your injuries can increase your money damages because of pain and suffering. With that in mind, don't be surprised when the other side tries to sideline you with these issues:

  • That you and not the other driver was at fault.
  • That your injuries were not that serious.
  • That you sustained your injuries in a previous accident or already had a medical condition.

It's difficult to be patient when you want closure with your accident. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and visit websites like https://www.carterfultonlaw.com/ to find out how to get paid what you deserve.


11 May 2021

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