Wills Lawyer: 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Drafting Your Last Will

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No one wants to die, but the truth is that everyone will one day die. But should this instill fear in you? No. It should instead make you think about what will happen to your beneficiaries and estate when you are gone. Death is inevitable, so you should indicate what should happen to what you leave behind. Unfortunately, many people don't bother writing a will. They forget that failure to draft one only makes things worse when they die. Of course, everyone should write a will. But if your health has continued to deteriorate and you have limited survival chances, you should hire a wills lawyer to help you draft one with the following in mind.

Your Spouse

As you draft a will, you should consider your spouse's care and needs. Most married people assume that the other spouse will automatically inherit what they leave behind. However, it's not always good to presume so. You need to indicate in the will what you want your spouse to receive. Although your spouse should automatically inherit your estate, some things may make it impossible for them to do so. And in case you may want someone else, like a friend or caregiver, to get a portion of your estate, you should indicate it clearly in the will to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Your Children

It's also crucial to write a will if you have children. It's wrong to assume that your children will properly divide the estate among themselves because things could get messy when you die. For instance, some may want to inherit a larger portion than the rest or even get away with everything. For this reason, you should state what each child or beneficiary will get in the will. You may not want one of the beneficiaries to inherit nothing or everything from you for several reasons. If you have decided so, you should also indicate it in the will to avoid problems. If your kids are still young, you should name an executor or guardian who will be responsible for the estate until they attain legal age.

Your Pet

If you have a pet, you want to be sure it will get the same kind of care and protection you have always offered. But for this to happen, you need to outline its needs and determine the source of the required resources. You also need to identify a responsible person for this task. You should include all of this in your will just to be sure your pet will be in safe hands. You may also need to set up a pet trust to help meet all the pet's vet bills and other financial needs.


12 September 2022

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