3 Questions To Expect During Your Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer

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You definitely don't expect to get involved in a car crash or any other accident and sustain injuries. However, the unexpected may happen, and you must know what to do immediately. You may slip and fall or get involved in a car accident that leaves you with serious injuries. If it happens because someone else was negligent, you should contact a trustworthy personal injury lawyer and book a consultation meeting with them. The initial meeting is critical because it helps lay the foundation of your claim. You expect to know a lot from the lawyer, and they also expect reliable information from you. This helps them decide how to approach your case. Here are three questions to expect during your meeting with the personal injury lawyer.

Lawyer's Questions

As you prepare to meet the lawyer, you should be ready to answer some questions from them. Most personal injury lawyers use questions to get all the necessary details they want concerning your claim. The lawyer will ask when the accident happened and where it did happen. If you got injured, they might ask you to explain the type of injuries you sustained. The lawyer will ask you how far you are with the medical treatment. In case you are scheduled for special treatment, they may want to know the name of the specialist involved and perhaps how you came to know about them.

Your Questions

As you schedule a consultation meeting with the lawyer and get ready to answer their questions, you should also prepare to ask them some questions. For instance, ask them whether they have handled such a case before and how unique they think your case could be. Ask them how many cases they have won and if you should expect a positive outcome. Ask the lawyer if they will handle your case themselves or if someone else will do it. And since you want to get everything right, ask them how much they expect from you and if it's possible to pay them after receiving your settlement.

Questions on Documentation

After understanding the basics of your claim, the lawyer may want to know if the two of you are properly prepared to proceed with the case. The lawyer will ask you to provide them with any evidence you have so they can assess its credibility. They will ask if you have any medical records, police report copies, photos, or other reliable documents they could use to build your case. If you took some pictures and they accidentally got deleted, the lawyer will help you find an expert who could help retrieve them. 

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5 October 2022

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