3 Legal Ways You Can Get Rid Of A Business Partner

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It isn't uncommon for businesses to be run by multiple partners. If you run a business with a partner who you feel is not satisfactorily executing their duties, you may feel as if you and the business may be better off without them. While you may think you can simply buy the other partner out, it isn't always that simple. In the event that your existing business agreement does not contain terms regarding a change of partnership in advance, here are three ways you can move forward to dissolve it:

21 December 2015

Veterans With Chronic Pain Have Multiple Compensation Options

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Not all conditions have a clear, easily defined incident that can be blamed. Wear and tear of the body is simply faster in some professions, and daily stresses could show up sooner in some people than others. Military veterans have a unique situation in which their difficult military service could open up disability compensation in case other systems such as workers compensation are not in your best interests. Understand The Workers Compensation Benefits First

3 December 2015

Does Your Company Have Unpaid Interns? Follow These Tips To Keep Out Of Court

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There is a lot of controversy over unpaid internships these days. Beleaguered by lawsuits, some companies have chosen to settle with former interns rather than take the issue on in court, while others are still battling it out through a series of appeals. If your company offers internships, how do you keep out of the fray? Follow these tips. 1. Make sure that you understand the rules for unpaid interns.

18 November 2015

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do?

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Many people aspire to certain careers but don't quite understand what those professions entail on a day-to-day basis. One of these mysterious professions is that of a personal injury lawyer. If you have always wanted to help people seek justice after a personal injury, you can study to be a personal injury lawyer. But what types of things would you be doing all day if you became one? Here are a few main duties of a personal injury attorney.

29 October 2015

The 6 Kinds Of Assault Charges A Person Could Be Charged With

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There are six ways you can be charged with assault. Since assault is a crime of violence, it is a serious charge and the consequences of being convicted of it can be profound. 1. Simple Assault A simple weaponless assault is one where the victim has only minor injuries resulting from an attack, such as from a slap across the face. It usually is a misdemeanor, but if it was perpetrated on a vulnerable person (a child, elderly or disabled person) or a person working in a protected class, the grade of misdemeanor would be higher, or the charge could become a felony.

13 October 2015

Obtaining Copyright Registration For Songwriters

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The writing of musical songs usually begins as an artistic outlet but sometimes develops later into an unexpected business proposition. Songwriters who have crafted one or more finished songs can receive legal protection for their work by registering a U.S. copyright. There is ongoing market demand for new songs. A well-crafted song written for purely personal motives can quickly gain popularity if accepted by a broad audience. Quality songs possess the potential to eventually become an economic asset.

29 September 2015

Top 5 Estate Planning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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Some people assume that an estate plan is something that only very wealthy people need to do as they age. However, if you have anything of value that you plan on leaving to loved ones after you pass, then you and your loved ones could benefit from you having a dedicated estate plan. As you work out your estate plan, however, there are some common mistakes you'll want to be careful to avoid.

9 September 2015

How Does A Personal Injury Lawsuit Work?

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A personal injury lawsuit is an excellent tool for getting the compensation that you deserve after being injured. However, the process can be pretty complicated and that can negatively affect your willingness to file a lawsuit. To help you out, here is a simplified timeline of how a personal injury lawsuit works: Find a Lawyer - First and foremost, you will need to plan out your lawsuit and determine if you want to hire a lawyer.

18 August 2015

An Introduction To The World Of Trademarks

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Intellectual property is an extremely prominent field of law in America. Every day, you can find some news story about controversy surrounding a patent, copyright, or trademark. Whether you want to apply for a form of intellectual property or if you just want to be more educated about such an ubiquitous concept, here is an introduction to the subject of trademarks. What is a trademark? In the simplest terms, a trademark is anything that can be used as an element of brand recognition.

5 August 2015

Who Is Responsible For The Defects In Your Newly-Purchased Home?


What happens when you buy a home only to realize that it has serious defects that you didn't know before the purchase? Of course, you expect somebody to be held responsible for your loss, but who is this person? There are three major options on who you may blame, and they are the: Seller Real estate laws require sellers to disclose all defects in their respective properties. The disclosure form must be filled and signed before the sale is completed.

22 July 2015