Veterans With Chronic Pain Have Multiple Compensation Options

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Not all conditions have a clear, easily defined incident that can be blamed. Wear and tear of the body is simply faster in some professions, and daily stresses could show up sooner in some people than others. Military veterans have a unique situation in which their difficult military service could open up disability compensation in case other systems such as workers compensation are not in your best interests.

Understand The Workers Compensation Benefits First

Workers compensation exists to assist workers who were injured on the job. Related medical bills can be covered by the compensation insurance program, as well as a percentage of a worker's salary depending on the state's compensation rates. Once you're able to work again, a health assessment is made in case you need other followup care.

It's difficult to be sure if your injury is short term, or if there will be major, long-term implications that may requirement medical attention (and money). For this reason, you should make sure that the incident itself and your medical care information are thoroughly documented. If you need to revisit the incident for additional compensation or a disability program, it's easier when the context of your condition is well-documented.

The core workers compensation is not a disability program, but there is a Temporary Total Disability feature available for qualifying workers. Many states follow the rule of 52 benefit weeks as a maximum for the basic tier of workers compensation benefits, but make sure to consult with a workers compensation attorney before assuming anything about the program.

Veterans Affairs Compensation May Be Able To Help

Are you sure that all of your problems come from a single workplace? Many veterans leave the military without knowing that even chronic pain that isn't completely disabling may be eligible for benefits. If you have served your country, you're entitled to medical care and possible monetary compensation, even if it's just a limp, head pain or emotional discomfort or distress.

The key to getting Veterans Affairs (VA) disability is proving that your injury or condition is related to military service. Such related conditions are called service-connected conditions, and the proof may be easier to obtain than you think.

Think about any aches, pains, mental conditions or other issues that you have at the moment or have had in the past. Did you go to medical to complain about that? Is there any documentation, no matter how minor, showing that you brought it up with someone? Did someone who worked at the same work center, chain of command, building, base or any related military area have the same problem, and could they vouch for you? 

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you're on the right track. You may not be awarded an immediate disability rating, but you can begin on anything from a standard claim for specific problems to a presumptive claim the seeks a broad range of causes for different ailments (explained in this PDF document from the VA).

You may qualify for one or more benefit programs depending on how you were injured, what you may be suffering from and where you were when it happened. For more information, visit or a similar website.


3 December 2015

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