Thinking About Divorce? Tips To Help Change The Trajectory & Revive Your Relationship

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Divorce statistics in America are alarming. In fact, recent stats show that nearly half of all first marriages are likely to end in divorce and the odds become even worse for second and third marriages. If you are in a faltering marriage that you desperately want to save, consider giving the following options a try before you consider hiring a divorce lawyer.

Resume the Courtship

The first decade of a marriage is often the most difficult. This is usually when careers are being built, mortgages are being taken out and children are arriving. With all these stressors occurring in a very short time, it is no wonder that married couples forget to continue the courtship that brought them together in the first place. Begin reversing this damage by establishing a firm time each week for just the two of you.

Helpful Tip: If finances are tight or reliable babysitters are unavailable, set aside a few hours after the kids go to bed on a weekly basis to enjoy a favorite meal or a bottle of wine together with no television, cell phones or other distractions to ruin the moment.

Seek Financial Counseling

Financial stress plays a huge role in destroying relationships and when it accompanies a crisis like a job loss, illness or an addiction, the problem grows exponentially. If financial stress is causing your marriage to falter, ask your partner to go with you to see a financial counselor.

Helpful Tip: Because financial issues are a growing problem in many families, many employers, churches and community groups now offer this type of counseling at low or no cost.

Remember the Dream

Many couples share a dream during their courtship and speak often about where they want to be and what milestones they want to have reached ten, twenty or even thirty years into the future. After the wedding, however, many of these dreams become distant memories as the couple turns their focus toward daily issues, such as how to get the kids to soccer practice, meet the mortgage payment and make sure everyone has clean clothes for the next day. Rekindle a flame by dusting off that old dream and working together to find a way to begin moving toward it once again.

Helpful Tip: Do some research and start slowly by finding some good books that will help you put your dream into action or find opportunities in your community where the two of you can get some hands-on training or experience that will help further your progress toward your dream.

Making the effort to give your marriage an extra chance to survive by working together to find common ground and rebuild your relationship can have huge rewards. Remember, however, that if your marriage has become toxic or abusive in some manner, speaking with a divorce attorney such as William K Holman can help ensure that your rights and assets are protected during this difficult time.  


29 April 2015

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