Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Auto Accident Claim

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The aftermath of an auto accident can be devastating, and the process of filing an auto accident claim can be even more difficult. Unfortunately, some common mistakes can severely damage your chances of success in your claim and significantly reduce the amount you may be awarded.

To ensure the best possible outcome, here are some auto accident mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Follow up With Your Doctor 

It's important to see your doctor after a car accident, regardless of how minor you think your injuries are. Even if you do not have any immediate symptoms after an accident, you need to get checked out, as some injuries may not be apparent right away.

Failing to follow your doctor's instructions can harm the validity of your claim. If your injuries worsen due to something you have not done to prevent the worsening, such as not following through with prescribed physical therapy or medication, the opposing side may argue that the accident is not to blame for your damages. They may argue that your injuries are a result of your own negligence.

Additionally, if you don't follow up with your doctor, they may not be available to provide any testimony or medical records that could help support your case. Your doctor's records are crucial evidence to your claim, as they provide an unbiased opinion of the extent of your injuries. Without these records, it can be difficult to prove the severity of your injuries and how they are related to the accident.

Failing to Document Your Damages 

After an accident, you should document all of your damages and losses. This includes any medical bills, wages lost due to missed work, damage to property, and any other type of financial loss or damage.

Be sure to document the full extent of your injuries, including photos and written descriptions. This is important to prove the severity of your injuries and the effect that they have had on you.

Without proper documentation, it will be difficult to prove your losses and damages in court. The jury is likely to take you at your word, but without any evidence, it's hard for them to be sure of your damages, and they may reduce the amount you are awarded.

You could also lose out on additional compensation if you fail to keep track of all your expenses. 

For instance, if you incur medical expenses after the accident due to complications from your injuries, those bills may not be covered by the settlement if you don't provide evidence of them in your claim. Make sure you keep a record of all your expenses so that your attorney can use them to negotiate a higher settlement for you.

Ask an auto accident attorney about additional advice. 


15 June 2023

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